GEOS HP/Epson-Printerdriver V3.0

  • Printerdriver for HP-compatible inkjets (now with colour printing in GeoPaint and GeoWrite!)
  • Resolution adjustable from 75 to 300dpi by program
  • Calculate-Drivers for 150 and 300dpi!
  • Landscape orientation in text print mode possible
  • TextPrint V3 compatible
  • Incl. drivers for 64Net

Free download of HP/Epson-Printerdriver for GEOS64 and GEOS128

Turbo128 Patch V2.0

(for american GEOS128 V2.0 kernel)

Accelerates your GEOS128 V2.0 system with and without SuperCPU128
The kernel-routines InitForIO and DoneWithIO are patched, so that accesses to ram-drives no longer will switch back to 1MHz.
The SuperCPU stays at 20Mhz.
The hardware fault of SCPU128 at junction with RamLink and GEOS128 will now by-passed!
This program accelerates your GEOS128 also without SCPU128 by RAM-Access to 30%.
Now optimal power with SCPU128 under GEOS:
Accelerate about 87% to standard GEOS128.
25% faster than CMD's superCPU patch.

Free download...